Title:Nitrogen vacancy center in diamond: a nanoscale quantum sensor for high pressure, and a novel platform to study out-of-equilibrium quantum dynamics

Speaker:Chong Zu,University of California, Berkeley

Date:2019-06-17 10:00

Venue:Room C302, New Science Building


Abstract:Recent experimental advances have enabled the control and manipulation of individual quantum mechanical spins in solids. In this talk, I will introduce two directions our group is currently pursuing using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond, one of the most promising solid-state quantum defect [1,2,3], (1) by integrate NV centers directly into the diamond anvil cell (DAC), a workhorse for high pressure physics, we demonstrate the versatility of our quantum sensors by imaging both stress fields and magnetism, up to pressures ~30 GPa and for temperatures ranging from 25-340 K. (2) we introduce a novel platform, based upon NV center and surrounding dense P1 centers (substitutional nitrogen defects), to study non-equilibrium quantum spin dynamics. In particular, we show the ability to directly control the disorder strength, the interaction Hamiltonian and the effective P1 density using a combination of static and driven fields. By preparing a low entropy initial state, we probe the nanoscale spin diffusion of P1 centers, ultimately observing the emergence of hydrodynamics.

[1] S. Hsieh*, P. Bhattacharyya*, C. Zu*, et al., Imaging stress and magnetism at high pressures using a nanoscale quantum sensor, arXiv:1812.08796

[2] T. Mittiga*, S. Hsieh*, C. Zu*, et al., Imaging the Local Charge Environment of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 246402 (2018)

[3] Zu, C, et al., In preparation, 2019