Course NumberCourse NameCredit HoursTotal Credits
430011The Successful Way of Scientists21
430021Enlightenment from the History of Physics21
430032Physics History and Physical Methods22
430042Seminars on frontiers in Astrophysics22
430053Stellar Physics33
430063Physical Cosmology33
430072Theory of Stellar Atmospheres22
430084Fluid and Plasma Astrophysics44
430090Introductory Guidance Lectures for  Astronomy  
430093Introduction to Astronomy33
430101Opening the Window to the Quantum  World11
430111Cosmic γ-Ray Sources and γ-Ray Bursts11
430121Applied Superconductivity11
430131The Magical Nano-World21
10430012Complex Analysis22
10430024Methods of Mathematics and Physics44
10430032Physics A(1)22
10430046Physics A(2)66
10430055Physics A(3)55
10430065Physics A(4)55
10430075Physics B(1)55
10430085Physics B(2)55
10430095Physics C(1)55
10430104Physics C(2)44
10430115Physics D55
10430122Lab. of Physics A(3)22
10430132Lab. of Physics(1)22
10430142Lab. of Physics(2)22
10430154Lab. of Modern Physics A(1)44
10430163Lab. of Modern Physics B(1)33
10430175Physical Foundations of New Technology55
10430205Introduction to Physics55
10430212Lab. of Physics(1)22
10430222Lab. of Physics(2)22
10430234Lab. of Physics(2)44
10430244Lab. of Physics(3)44
10430256Physics (Mechanics)66
10430264General Physics (Electromagnetism)44
10430275General Physics (Thermodynamics and Optics)55
10430284General Physics (Quantum Physics)44
10430293Lab. of Modern Physics A(2)33
10430304Lab. of Physics (1)44
10430314Lab. of Modern Physics A(2)34
10430324Physical Foundations of New Technology44
10430333Lab. of Modern Physics B(2)33
10430340College Physics (1)(in English)(Guidance)  
10430344Physics(1)(in English)44
10430345Physics for Scientists and Engineer (1) (in English)55
10430350College Physics (2,in English) (Guidance)  
10430354Physics(2)(in English)44
10430363Physics (1)2.53
10430372Physical Foundations of New Technology22
10430385Physics A(2)05
10430395Physics B(3)05
10430404Lab. of Physics A(1)04
10430414Lab. of Physics A(2)04
10430421Lab. of Physics (3)-101
10430432Lab. of Physics (3)-202
10430442Lab. of Physics (3)02
10430461Lab. of Physics(1)01
10430472Lab. of Physics(2)02
10430480College Physics B(1)(Guidance)  
10430484College Physics B(1)44
10430490College Physics B (2)(Guidance)  
10430494Physics for Scientists and Engineers B(2)44
10430495General physics (Mechanics)55
10430501Advanced Discussion on General Physics11
10430511Advanced Discussion on General Physics11
10430525Physics for Scientists and Engineers A(1)55
10430535Physics for Scientists and Engineers A(2)55
10430543Modern Physics33
10430553Physical Fundamentals of Advanced   Technology33
10430564Physics for Poets (Physics without   Calculus)44
10430604Quantum Physics44
10430614Lab. of Physics(1)44
10430624Lab. of Physics(2)44
10430631Lab. of Physics(1)21
10430632Lab. of Physics(1)22
10430641Lab. of Physics(2)21
10430642Lab. of Physics(2)22
10430661Lab. of Physics(1)11
10430675Equations in Mathematical Physics55
10430685General physics(1)55
10430695General physics(2)55
10430701Lab. of Physics(2)11
10430713Experiments in Modern Physics A33
10430723Experiments in Modern Physics B33
10430733Experiments in Modern Physics C33
10430743Experiments in Modern Physics D33
10430754General Physics(1)44
10430755Physics for Scientists and Engineers A(1)55
10430764General Physics(2)44
10430765Physics for Scientists and Engineers A(2)55
10430774General Physics44
10430782Lab. of Physics(1)22
10430792Lab. of Physics(2)22
10430801Lab. of Physics(1)11
10430811Lab. of Physics(2)11
20430014Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics44
20430022Statistical Mechanics22
20430035Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics55
20430044Classical Mechanics44
20430060Quantum Mechanics (Guidance)  
20430064Quantum Mechanics44
20430073Complex Analysis33
20430084Statistical Mechanics44
20430094Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics44
20430103Analytical Mechanics33
20430115Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics45
20430123Strengthen training in fundamental English03
20430133Classical Electrodynamics33
20430145Functions of a complex Variable and Equations in Mathematical Physics55
20430154Quantum Mechanics44
30430014Computational Physics44
30430024New Experimental Techniques for Physics Study44
30430031Lab. of Physics(Optional 1)11
30430042Lab. of Physics(Optional 2)22
30430051Geometrical Optics11
30430083Strengthen Training in specialized English03
30430094General Relativity44
30430102Quantum Mechanics Research Seminar22
40430024Nuclear and Particle Physics44
40430034Laser and Modern Optics44
40430044Solid State Physics44
40430053Atomic and Molecular Physics33
40430071Experiments in Acoustics11
40430084Experimental Methods in Subatomic Physics44
40430094Experiments in Nuclear Physics44
40430104Experiments in Modern Optics44
40430114Physical Fundamentals of Photonics44
40430124Solid State Physics(II)44
40430134Experimental Methods in Solid State Physics44
40430143Advanced Electronics33
40430150Diploma Project (Thesis)015
40430160Diploma Project (Thesis)020
40430172Introduction to the Student’s Specialty22
40430185Lab. Work55
40430192Specialty Reading in English22
40430202Seminar on the Frontiers of Quantum Mechanics22
40430212Teaching Lab. Work22
40430222The Basic Experiments in Physical Electronics22
40430232Current Research Topics in Physics21
40430242Knowledge of Scientific Researches02
40430260Diploma Project (Thesis)015
40430273Selected Topics on the Frontiers of Astrophysics33
40430285Training Lectures for Research Work05
40430291Current Research Topics21
40430333Topics on Frontiers in Cross-Sciences33
40430343Selected Topics of Modern Physics 3