Recent Activities


Yuan Li:From Band Topology to Density Waves: the Power of High-Dimensional Scattering Spectroscopy

Yuan Li,Peking University

2019-05-23 16:00 Zhengyutong Lecture Hall,New Science Building


Zhiwei Huang:Saturated Stimulated Raman Scattering (SSRS) Microscopy for Super-resolution Vibrational Imaging: Principle, Technique, and Implementations

Zhiwei Huang,Optical Bioimaging Lab, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore

2019-05-13 15:30 B406,New Science Building


Yuefeng NIE:Freestanding 2D Oxide Perovskites---A new playground for strongly correlated 2D phases and applications

Yuefeng NIE, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing University

2019-06-05 10:00 Room C302, New Science Building