The department's research areas include the following:

  • Particle Physics and Quantum Field Theory

  • High Energy Astrophysics

  • Nuclear Physics and Technology

  • Computational Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Design

  • Nano- and Low-dimensional Systems and Strongly Coupled Systems

  • Superconductivity Study and Application

  • Laser Physics, Nonlinear and Quantum Optics 

  • Quantum Computation and Information

  • Atomic and Molecular Structures and Dynamical Processes

  • Detection, Identification and Manipulation of Single Atoms and Molecules

State Key Laboratory

  • State Key Laboratory of Low Dimensional Quantum Physics

Research Institutes

  • Institute of Condensed Matter Physics

  • Institute of Atomic, Molecular and Optic Physics

  • Institute of Partical Physics, Nuclear Phyics and Astrophysics

Interdisciplinary Research Centers

  • Center for Atomic, Molecular and NanoSciences

  • Tsinghua-Foxconn Nano Research Center

  • Center for Quantum Science and Technology

  • Frontier Science Center for Quantum Information

  • Tsinghua University-Luzhou Laojiao Intelligent Detection Joint Research Center