Long,GuiLu Professor

Department of Physics, Tsinghua University

School of Sciences Building

Beijing 100084, China





Education and Employment


BS in Physics, Shandong University (1982)

MS in Theoretical Physics, Tsinghua University(1985)

Ph.D in Theoretical Physics, Tsinghua University(1987)


Lecturer(1987-1995),Asso.Professor(1995-1998),Professor(1998-now),Tsinghua University

Director of Nuclear Physics Division, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, (1997-2000)

Director, Institute of High Energy and Nuclear Physics, Tsinghua University, (2001-now)

Deputy-director, Key Laboratory For Quantum Information and Measurements, Ministry Of Education, China(2000-present)

Research Fellow, University of Sussex (1989.3-1993.3)

Visiting Researcher, University of Vienna(2002.6-8)


Undergraduate Course“University Physics(English))”(1997,1998,1999 Spring)

Graduate Course”Nuclear Reaction and Nuclear Structure”(1993 Spring-1996Spring)

Graduate Course”Advanced Quantum Mechanics”(1993 Autumn-2003 Autumn)

Graduate Course “Advanced Quantum MechanicsI”(2002 Spring,2003 Spring)

East Asia Culture, Co-lecturer, to Michigan state University visting students, (1998Spring ,1999Spring )


Quantum Computaing and Quantum information, Nuclear Structure

1. Quantum Computing and Quantum Information

Theory and Experimental Studies of Quantum Cryptography

Quantum Algorithms

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Quantum Computing

Physical Realizations of Quantum Computer

Fundamental Issues of Quantum Mechanics

2. Nuclear Structure

Nuclear Structure Models: Nuclear shell model, Interacting boson model, Projected shell model

Nuclear Structure far From the Stability-line

Nuclear Structure Related to AstroPhysics

Relativistic Consistent Angular-momentum-projected shell-model

Awards and Membership


Representation of Lie Algebra and Super Lie Algebra and their applications in Nuclear Structure, National Award for Natural Science, Third order, 1997 (together with Hong-Zhou Sun, Qi-Zhi Han, Yuxin Liu, Jiajun Wang)

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Nuclear High Spin States, Award for progress in Science and Technology, Ministry Of Education, 1998 (together with Sheng-Jiang Zhu, Jing-Kang Deng)

Yokoyama Outstanding Research Paper Award, Tsinghua University, 1999

Hu Jimin Education and Science Award, 2004( Hu Jimin Education Foundation, Peking University and The Chinese Nuclear Physics Association)

Fellow of Institute of Physics, 1999.7

Talents Awards

1996 Excellent Young Teachers Fund , Ministry of Education, China, extended further in 1999

1998 Ying-Tung Fok Young University Teachers Fund

1998 New Academic Talent Award, Tsinghua University

2003 Outstanding Young Researcher Fund, China National Science Foundation

Professional Activities

Executive member, Chinese Physical Society; Deputy Secretariat, Beijing Physical Society

Member of the Academic Committee, National Laboratoryfor Superlattice and Microstructures

Editorial board member “Nuclear Physics Reviews”

Selected Publications

Selected Publications