Xue,Qi-Kun  Professor,

Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Vice President for Research

Director of State Key Lab of Quantum Physics

Department of Physics, Tsinghua University

School of Sciences Building

Beijing 100084, China





Education and Employment


September 1990 -July 1994

Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Ph.D in physics.

September 1987-July 1990

Institute of Physics, CAS, M.S. in physics.

September 1980-July 1984

Department of Optics, Shandong University, B.S. in laser physics.


May 2013-present

Vice President for Research, Tsinghua University.

March 2013-March 2014 Dean, Office of Scientific Research and Development, Tsinghua University.

March 2013 -May 2013 Assistant to President, Tsinghua University.

June 2011-present Director, State Key Laboratory of Low-Dimensional Quantum Physics.

August 2010 -December 2013 Chair, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University.

August 2010 -June 2013 Dean, School of Sciences, Tsinghua University.

May 2005-present Distinguished Professor, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University. September

1999-December 2005 Director, State Key Laboratory for Surface Physics, Institute of Physics, CAS.

August 1999 -July 2007 Professor, Head of Group SF04, State Key Laboratory for Surface Physics, Institute of Physics, CAS.

June 1996-May 1997 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, North Carolina State University.

September 1994-August 1999 Research Associate, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University.

June 1992-June 1994 Visiting Student, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University.


Research Interests

Scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy

Molecular beam epitaxy

Topological insulators

Interface-induced high temperature superconductivity

Surface science

Awards and Membership


2014 Asian Union of Magnetics Societies Award.

2014 HLHL Achievement Award in Science and Technology.

2014 Qiu Shi Outstanding Scientist Award.

2012 Tan Kah Kee Science Award in Mathematic and Physical Sciences.

2011 National Natural Science Award (Second-class) of China.

2011 Qiu Shi Outstanding Scientific Research Team Award.

2010 TWAS Physics prize.

2006 HLHL Advancement Award in Science and Technology.

2005 Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2005 Outstanding Achievement Award in Science and Technology, CAS.

2004 National Natural Science Award (Second-class) of China.

2004 Young Scientist Prize, the Chinese Association of Science and Technology.

1998 100 Talents Program, the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

1994 President Prize for Excellent PhD Students, CAS.


2014-2017 Advisory board member, Chinese Science Bulletin.

2014-present, Associate Editor, National Science Review

2013-present Editorial board member, Surface Science Reports.

2010 Chair, the 15th International Conference on Solid Films and Surfaces.

2010 Co-chair, the 18th International Vacuum Congress.

2010-present Chair, Surface and Interface Committee of Chinese Physical Society (CPS).

2010-present Academic editor, AIP Advances.

2010-present Editorial board member, Physical Review B.

2010-present Editorial board member, Applied Physics Letters and Journal of Applied


2010-present Member, Science and Technology Commission of Ministry of Education.

2009-present Associate director, Division of Technological Sciences, CAS

2008-present Member, Council of NSFC.

2008-present Chief editor, Surface Review & Letter.

2008-present Chief editor, Nano Research.

2007-present Associate editor, the European Physical Journal of Applied Physics.

2007 Fellow, CPS.

2007-present Director, the Academic Exchange Committee of CPS.

2005-present Editorial board member, Journal of Physics D.




2014 Invited talk, International conference on topological quantum phenomena 2014, Kyoto, Japan.

2014 Invited talk, Materials today Asia 2014 conference, Hong Kong.

2014 Invited talk, The 32nd international conference on the physics of semiconductors (ICPS 2014), Austin.

2014 Invited talk, The 8th international conference on physics and applications of spin phenomena in solids (PASPS VIII), Washington DC.

2014 Plenary talk, The 8th joint meeting of Chinese physicists worldwide (OCPA8) international conference on physics education and frontier physics, Singapore.

2014 Invited talk, The 16th Kavli futures symposium: Nanomaterials science in Asian perspective, Seoul, Korea.

2014 Invited talk, Nobel symposium \New forms of matter: Topological insulators and superconductors", Stockholm, Sweden.

2014 Invited talk, Ho-Am forum on science 2014, Seoul, Korea.

2014 Invited talk, International workshop on \Topology in the new frontiers of materials science", Tsukuba, Japan.

2014 Invited talk, APS March meeting, Denver.

2014 Physics seminar, University of California, Santa Barbara.

2014 Stanford physics colloquium, Stanford University.

2014 Berkeley 290K condensed matter seminar, University of California, Berkeley.

2014 Invited talk, The advanced institute for materials research international symposium

2014 (AMIS 2014), Sendai, Japan.

2013 Invited talk, The 1st cross-strait workshop on novel quamtum materials, Hualien, Taiwan.

2013 Keynote talk, The international symposium on nanoscale transport and technology (ISNTT2013), Kanagawa, Japan.

2013 Invited talk, FIRST-QS2C workshop on emergent phenomena of correlated materials, Tokyo, Japan.

2013 Physics colloquium, Seoul National University.

2013 Duke physics colloquium, Duke University.

2013 Harvard physics colloquium, Harvard University.

2013 Plenary talk, Chinese physical society fall meeting, Xiamen.

2013 Keynote talk, The 19th international vacuum congress, Paris.

2013 Plenary talk, The 16th international conference on narrow gap systems, Hangzhou.

2013 Plenary talk, The 19th national semiconductor physics conference, Weihai.

2013 Invited talk, Symposium "Quantum Hall effects and related topics", Stuttgart.

2013 Invited talk, 2013 NIMS conference: Structure control of atomic/molecular thin films and their applications, Tsukuba, Japan.

2013 Invited talk, The 14th international conference on the formation of semiconductor interfaces, Gyeongju, Korea.

2013 Invited talk, SNS 2013 conference, Berkeley.

2013 Invited talk, International workshop: Majoranas in solid state, Beijing.

2013 Invited talk, China/US joint winter school and the 3rd China/US workshop on novel superconductors, Hong Kong.

2012 Plenary talk, The 12th international conference on electronic spectroscopy and structure, Saint-Malo.

2012 Invited talk, IBM institute 2012 "Synthetic routes to room temperature superconductivity", Almaden.

2012 Invited talk, APS March meeting, Boston.

2012 Invited talk, Gordon research conference, Biddeford

2012 Invited talk, CECAM workshop on topological insulators and non-perturbative spinorbit coupling, Lausanne.

2012 Invited talk, The 25th international symposium on superconductivity, Tokyo.

2012 Invited talk, Materials & mechanisms of superconductivity (M2S), Washington DC.

2012 Invited talk, The 19th international conference on magnetism, Busan.

2012 Invited talk, The Sino-German bilateral workshop on emergent phases in correlated and topological matter, Hangzhou.

2012 Invited talk, China semiconductor technology international conference, Shanghai.

2011 Half-plenary talk, The 26th international conference on low temperature physics, Beijing.

2011 Theme lecture, International conference on materials for advanced technologies, Singapore.

2011 Mueller lecture, Penn State University.

2010 Plenary talk, The 12th international conference on molecule-based magnets, Beijing.

2010 Invited talk, The 55th annual conference on magnetism & magnetic materials, Altanta.

2010 Invited talk, APS March meeting, Portland.

2008 Plenary talk, Asia conference on nanoscience and nanotechnology, Singapore.

2006 Plenary talk, European conference of surface science, Paris.

2006 Invited talk, International conference on nanoscience and nanotechnology (ICN+T 2006), Basel.

2005 Invited talk, International conference on scanning probe microscopy/spectroscopy(STM'05), Sapporo.

2005 Invited talk, APS March meeting, Los Angeles.

2004 Invited talk, MRS fall meeting, Boston.

2004 Invited talk, AVS annual meeting, Anaheim.

2000 Invited talk, International conference on molecular beam epitaxy, Beijing.

1999 Invited talk, International conference on scanning probe microscopy/spectroscopy, Seoul.

1996 Invited talk, APS March meeting, St. Louis.


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