Zhiyuan Sun

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics, Tsinghua University

Room 222, School of Science Building

Beijing 100084,China



Education and Employment


2008-2012 B.S. in Physics, University of Science and Technology of China

2012-2018 Ph.D. in Physics, UC San Diego. Advisor:Michael M. Fogler



2018-2021 Postdoctoral/Associate Research Scientist,Columbia University

2021-2022 HQI Fellow,Harvard University

2022-present Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University

Research Interests

Condensed Matter Theory. Specifically:

1. Nonequilibrium processes of many-body systems; metastable states; nonequilibrium steady states; periodically driven systems.

2. Polaritons and other collective modes in condensed matter systems/nano-devices; Light matter interactions.

3. Linear, nonlinear and quantum optics; electromagnetic response of solids.

We have openings for graduate students and postdocs every year. Undergrads are welcome too. Please contact zysun@tsinghua.edu.cn

Honors and Awards

2021, HQI Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard University

Selected Publications

All Publications:  https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=50ActtgAAAAJ&hl=en

Nonequilibrium processes:

F. Y. Gao, Z. Zhang, Z. Sun, et al., Snapshots of a light-induced metastable hidden phase driven by the

collapse of charge order. Science Advances 8 (29), eabp9076 (2022)

Z. Sun, T. Kaneko, D. Golež and A. J. Millis, Second order Josephson effect in excitonic insulators. Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 127702 (2021)

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D. Golež, Z. Sun, Y. Murakami, A. Georges and A. J. Millis, Nonlinear spectroscopy of collective modes

in an excitonic insulator. Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 257601 (2020)

Z. Sun and A. J. Millis, Pump induced motion of an interface between competing orders. Phys. Rev. B 101, 224305 (2020)

Z. Sun and A. J. Millis, Transient trapping into metastable states in systems with competing orders. Phys. Rev. X 10, 021028 (2020)

K. A. Cremin, et al., Photoenhanced metastable c-axis electrodynamics in stripe-ordered cuprate La1.885Ba0.115CuO4. PNAS 116 (40) 19875-19879 (2019)

Z. Sun, D. N. Basov and M. M. Fogler, Adiabatic amplification of plasmons and demons in 2D systems. Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 076805 (2016) 

Polariton and other collective modes:

B. S. Y. Kim, A. J. Sternbach, M. S. Choi, Z. Sun, et al., Atomically imprinted graphene plasmonic cavities. arXiv:2206.12754 (2022)

F L. Ruta, B. S. Y. Kim, Z. Sun, et al., Surface plasmons induce topological transition in graphene/-MoO3

heterostructures. Nat. Commun. 13, 3719 (2022)

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L. V. Brown, M. Davanco, Z. Sun et al., Nanoscale mapping and spectroscopy of nonradiative hyperbolic

modes in hexagonal boron nitride nanostructures. Nano Lett. 18 (3), pp 1628-1636 (2018)

A. J. Giles, et al., Imaging of anomalous internal reflections of hyperbolic phonon-polaritons in hexagonal

Boron Nitride. Nano Lett. 16 (6), pp 3858-3865 (2016)

Z. Sun, Á. Gutiérrez-Rubio, D. N. Basov and M. M. Fogler, Hamiltonian optics of hyperbolic polaritons in nanogranules. Nano Lett. 15 (7), pp 4455-4460 (2015) 

Linear, nonlinear and quantum optics:

Z. Sun, D. N. Basov and M. M. Fogler, Graphene as a source of entangled plasmons. Phys. Rev. Research 4, 023208 (2022)

T. Kaneko, Z. Sun, Y. Murakami, D. Golež and A. J. Millis, Bulk photovoltaic effect driven by collective

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