Department of Physics, Tsinghua University

School of Sciences Building

Beijing 100084, China





Education and Employment


1996. Ph. D., physics, Niel Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University, Denmark

1985. M.S., materials science, Central Iron and Steel Research Institute, Beijing, P. R. China.

1982. B.S., physics, Dept. of Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P. R. China.


2000-now, Tsinghua University, China, professor.

1997-2000, Bi-2223 tapes, NST, Denmark. Senior technical adviser,

1993-97, Bi-2223 tapes, NKT Research Center, Denmark. Research Engineer.

1990?93, YBCO thim film, University of Link橛ing, Sweden. Research Engineer.

1986?90, Amorphous alloy, high Tc materials, thin film. Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Visiting Researcher.


Undergraduate Course揂pplication of HTS Superconducting materials?2004 Spring)


Special attention is paid to HTS Superconducting materials and its application

2 BSCCO Superconducting Tape

a The mechanical property and fabrication process of HTS superconducting tape

b Miscrostructure evolution and Bi-2223 formation in Bi-2223/Ag Tapes

c The fabrication of BSCCO/Ag superconducting tape for electronic application.

d Silver alloys used in composite BSCCO tapes

2 YBCO coated conductor

a YBCO thick film for the coated conductor.( Sol-gel, TFA-MOD method)

b Non-vacuum fabrication and growth mechanism of buffer layer thin films for YBCO coated conductors (Several oxide thin films)

c Fabrication of biaxially textured Ni or Ni-based alloy tape by RABiTS process

d New ion structure modification (ISM) process for fabrication of

biaxially textured Ni tape or modification of YBCO film, as well as oxide

buffer layers

3. Measurement and application of HTS tape

a Measurement of the superconducting property of HTS materials

b Design of HTS magnet/coil

c Find a good way to measure AC loss measurement and search for the method to reduce the AC loss

d Design of superconducting magnetic levitation

Awards and Membership

Selected Publications

Author or co-author of about 40 papers published in international refereed journals.

Some of them are widely cited by peers. Over 10 plenary or invited talks at International

and National Conferences

Selected Papers:

13. X. P. Chen1丆4, Z. H. Han1, M.Y. Li1丆4, M. Jun, Q.Liu, 揙bservation

of the formation and growth of secondary phases in Bi-2223/Ag tapes?

Physica C (2003) 391 (4) 363-368

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