CHEN Yu Professor

Department of Physics, Tsinghua University

School of Sciences Building

Beijing 100084, China





Education and Employment


BS Mining Construction, China University of Mining, 1982

M.Phil Theoretical Mechanics, Nottingham University, England 1987

Ph.D Acoustics, Open University, England 1992


Assistant Researcher, Chinese Mining research Institute, (1982-1984);

Research Assistant, Department of Mechanics, Open University, England, (1986-1987)

Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, (1992-1994)

Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University (1994-)


Undergraduate Course“Acoustics-Principles and Applications” (2003 Autumn )

Postgraduate Course “Introduction to Modern Acoustics” (2004 Spring)



a Thermoacoustics

b Underwater Acoustics

c Ultrasonic Motor

d Acoustic testing

e Sound propagation

f Architecture acoustics

Awards and Membership

Awards and Membership

Professional Activities:

Councilor of Acoustical Society of China (2003-);

Vice Chair of National Key Laboratory of Acoustics, Institute of Acoustics, CAS (1996-)

Member of Acoustical Society of American (1992-)

Selected Publications

Author or co-author have published over 30 research papers. Offered a new numerical method to

study thermoacoustic problems (ref.1). Given a proof of the equivalence between the energy velocity

and the group velocity for waves in piezoelectrics and under orther conditions (refs.4,5). Built a

traveling ring ultrasonic motor with the output torque of over 4 NM that is the largest torque for this type of motor.

Selected Papers

1. Chen Y., Liu X., Zhang X-Q, etal, Thermoacoustic Simulation with

Lattice Gas Automata, J. Applied Physics, April 15, 2004.

2. Chen Yu, Guo L-H, On group velocity of elastic waves in an

anisotropic plate, J. Sound and Vibration,V254(4), 727, 2002

3. Chen Y, Zhou TY, Zhang Q, etal,A study on the friction of a self-

correction ultrasonic stepping motor, J. Ultrasonics, V39, 667, 2002

4. Chen Yu,Group and energy velocities of acoustic surface waves in

piezoelectrics, Phys. Rev. B V.54, p1561,1996

5. Chen Yu,Energy velocity and group velocity, Science in China, A V.38,

p65, 1995